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Frequently Asked Questions...

FAQ's: Welcome

Where are you based, and can you travel?

I am based in Midhurst, West Sussex and I'm happy to travel anywhere in the country or aboard for your ceremony.

What does it cost?

My current pricing is £890. This includes all the planning, writing, and redrafting of your bespoke wedding ceremony, a wedding rehearsal, as well as of course a fabulous ceremony delivered on the day.

Do you charge expenses?

I charge travel expenses at 0.50p per mile but do not charge for the first 20 miles of each journey.  I also charge accommodation if your ceremony is beyond a certain distance, meaning I’d need an overnight stay. This is all made clear before you book – there are no surprise costs!

How did you become accredited?

I trained with Humanists UK, who regularly observe their celebrants to keep standards and quality at the highest possible. As a Humanists UK accredited wedding celebrant, I come with full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

Are ceremonies legally binding?

Unfortunately, humanist weddings are still not legal in England and Wales. Humanists UK is campaigning hard to change that but, at the moment, you would need to have a separate civil service, in addition to your humanist ceremony. You can get married at your local register office for as little as £48 if you go for the very basic service. Often couples will have their civil ceremony a week or so before the big day to deal with the paperwork. They usually save all the ‘fun stuff’ (the dressing up, the vow exchange, the rings) for their humanist ceremony….their real ceremony.

Do you conduct LGBTQ+ weddings?

Yes, of course!

Can you help us with our vows?

It would be a pleasure! I encourage couples to write their own vows as this is the most personal and some would say a significant part of your ceremony. I am happy to walk you through the process, keeping your vows secret from each other for maximum impact on the day.

How long is a Humanist wedding ceremony?

Typically around 30-45 minutes, but it’s really down to you.

Why should I choose a celebrant led ceremony instead of a traditional one?

The brilliant thing about a Humanist wedding ceremony is that you can have full control and create something that is entirely unique and bespoke to you. All of the words, readings and any other elements are chosen by you to make it really special. Other kinds of ceremonies have lots of rules about what you can and can’t say, do and even play at your wedding. They also have to take place at licensed and religious venues, whereas with a Humanist ceremony you can get married wherever and however you like!

What’s included in a humanist wedding ceremony?

There are many common elements in Humanist ceremonies, but they also offer a lot of freedom too.

Popular content includes...

  • What love and marriage mean to you.

  • Music and readings.

  • Your story — perhaps how you met, your shared values and interests, your dynamic.

  • Secrets — words from your partner, that you won’t hear until the day.

  • Vows reinvented — personal vows, promises or aspirations.

  • Symbolic acts — such as ring/gift exchanges, handfasting, ring warming, sand-blending, lighting a unity candle, or anything else you can think of.

  • The participation of friends and family.


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