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What is a Humanist Ceremony?

A humanist ceremony is a non-religious celebration inclusive to everyone attending and irrespective of religion. You do not have to be a humanist; the ceremony is centred on the love and commitment between two people, and nothing else.


Why choose a Humanist Ceremony?

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Unique and Personal

I want to celebrate exactly who you are as a couple. I create ceremonies that are custom made, full of personality, and completely authentic to the two of you. We will collaborate together to craft an experience that is personal, warm and wholehearted, expressing your individual love story, and truly reflecting who you are.

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Creative Freedom

Your ceremony can be simple or grand, traditional or quirky and can include as much or as little as you want. The readings, music choices, vows, promises, structure, and symbolic gestures (for example handfasting, lighting of candles, ring warming) are chosen by you. You can include whoever you want to be part of your ceremony, friends, family, children, and even pets! I encourage couples to take as much ownership of their ceremony as they wish but I can guide and advise along the way - as much or as little as needed.


Anywhere YOU Want

You do NOT need a licensed venue! Your wedding ceremony can take place ANYWHERE, inside or the great outdoors, the possibilities are endless….
If you love the outdoors then how about a beautiful woodland, beach, back garden, or clifftop? If you’d prefer to take shelter inside; a hotel, stately home, castle, village hall? Or if you dare to be different; a hot air balloon, boat, a festival…. wherever you want!


Choose Your Celebrant

Unlike a civil service, where you don’t know who you get until the day, you can choose your humanist celebrant who will get to know you as a couple and what you want from your big day beforehand, providing a much more personal and intimate experience.



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Before you book, let’s have a chat. I’d love to hear about your ceremony ideas and it’s your chance to ask me any questions to make sure I’m the right celebrant for you. We can talk over the phone, skype or meet for a coffee. Just head over to my contact page to get in touch.



If you want to celebrate with me as your celebrant, then I will send you a contract and ask for a deposit to secure your booking. I only ever do one wedding per day, so once you are booked in, that date is all yours!



Four months before your big day, we get together to discuss your thoughts and wishes for your ceremony. I send a questionnaire beforehand asking for all the logistical information of the ceremony – key people involved, how you’d like to be announced at the end of the ceremony, etc. Then, in our meet up, we will focus on the two of you – on your story, your journey that brought you to this point, and your view of marriage.


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Based on all I’ve learned about the two of you, I will then create the first draft for your bespoke wedding ceremony. I will send you a copy 3 months before your wedding for your approval or any changes you wish to make. We then 'to and fro' with subsequent drafts, until your ceremony is just as you want it to be.



Having a rehearsal is optional, not every couple wants one, but it is a great opportunity to go through all the technical aspects and it really does make for a more relaxed and joyous ceremony, giving you one less thing to think about on the day.



On the big day I will arrive early to make sure your ceremony runs smoothly. I will coordinate with the photographer, the wedding planner, any musicians and readers. I will make sure everything is in place ready for you to have a fun and relaxed ceremony knowing everything is under control. And finally, I will kick start your wedding celebrations by conducting your joyful, personal and truly unforgettable wedding ceremony supporting and guiding you every step of the way.

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I would LOVE to help make your day unforgettable

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Celebrate Ceremonies

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